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Sharing about your experiences with Meraki Farmacy, The Plants, and Lu helps improve upon services, helps connect folks to each other and what's possible. Lived, direct experience is some of my favorite data. Thank you for submitting, for reading, for sharing with your people!

Your hair looks great!


"The Locks & Lather Bar isn't your average personal hygiene item. It is beyond that. Prior to switching to this shampoo bar I was using a commercial "natural" shampoo. My scalp was itchy and constantly irritated. within TWO uses of Merak' L&L my scalp is actually healed and no longer itchy. It's moisturizing, healing and cleansing. It also doubles as an amazing shave lotion which gives a super close shave, and that's just a bonus. It really is a superstar shampoo."

everyone who uses the L&L zero waste shampoo bar

"Yesterday I got the Locks and Lather (fka Beerd Bar) in the mail from Meraki Farmacy. It's a shampoo soap made with beer and formulated for beards. I tried it tonight and like it better than anything else I've tried so far. "

- John; writer & literary critic, animal welfare advocate and craftsperson

"Today was my first day using the Locks & Lather shampoo. ahhhhhhmazing. I didn't realize how itchy my old shampoo was making my head. I'm sitting here realizing my head isn't itchy and it's blissful! I love it! It's so clean and it doesn't smell perfumed, my scalp doesn't look dry. Love love love. Also I used it to shave my legs, so much better! 

I'll stop gushing now. But I'm a fan. For Life."

Feed Your Skin

​"Your SPF salve is amaaazing!! Yesterday we went to the river. I layered it with some other spf and didn't burn at all. However, I forgot to do my back! I burned, but the salve after the sun made it look so good, less than a day later. I don't know if you meant for it to be an after sun salve, but it WORKS. I have fair skin and usually peel like crazy when I get red. Thank you!!"

"The Poppy & Lavender soap is hands down the best soap I have ever used. It's been hard to try Meraki's other soaps because I love this one so much. I'm not typically a lavender girl, but the smell is subtle and lovely. The soap contains real poppy seeds, so it's a natural exfoliant. I don't use nearly as much lotion as I used to because this soap doesn't leave me dried out. I love it so much, I've given it as gifts to other people. Do yourself a favor, and definitely try this soap!"

Working With Lu 

"I am so grateful that Meraki Farmacy and Lu came onto my radar and into my life!

Lu is a gifted farmer/grower, maker, practitioner, teacher, and healer.

I discovered Lu on the internets talking about plants and plant medicine, and was immediately taken by their open demeanor, knowledge, humor, and generous spirit. Through their informative (and truly calming!) discussions on IG I became interested in the potential benefits of nervines to support my nervous system. 

Lu was incredibly approachable and helpful when I initially posed some questions about what would be appropriate for me to start with  -- compatible with my specific needs and situation, as well as my budget. We didn't just schedule a consult: we discussed what the consult would entail (and what it wouldn't), and Lu asked me to share information in advance that would help her guide me. 


Through the entire process Lu was incredibly patient and supportive, and came prepared to the consult having considered the details in the lengthy description in my initial email. I was impressed by Lu's knowledge and her ability to provide a safe environment to discuss difficult issues. Lu made it clear where her knowledge was applicable and where its limits were and I should consult my other practitioners and other sources - which really served to build trust. I left the consult feeling seen and honored, and buoyed by Lu's insight and encouragement. Lu generously put together a combination of products that would work together well and fit my limited budget. She also provided the information I needed about how to optimally introduce and use them, and was open to questions and follow-up. It really helped me to navigate entering into the world of plant-based healing.

 I could not recommend a consult with Lu, or her Meraki Farmacy products more highly. If you are curious - reach out to Lu, you will be giving yourself a gift! 11/10 would consult again!"

Farmacy Families

"An excited wildling who tripped in the driveway, skinning their knee. A dog who adventures too hard at the beach and cuts open his chin. A toddler who refuses to potty-learn and develops a rash due to secretly dirty diaper. A partner who slices their hand open framing their art. My own chapped lips and hands from a ton of time playing in the dirt, in the sun. 

This is a list of ways we have used Boo Boo Balm just in the last week. It is essentially a sixth member of our family. Seventh if you count the accident prone dog. Which I do. I can’t think of anything Boo Boo Balm can’t fix. Schmear it on everyone and I swear we will achieve world peace. Or at the very least, have healthy, plant based, nourished, healed skin. Same thing, really"

"Appreciating your blood, sweat, and tears. Knowing my babies are washing away the shit of this world with your touch, makes all the difference. Thank you for it."

Mother of wild ones


let the folks know!

What are the some of the positive impacts of using Meraki products, visiting the orange MF tent in community, attending a program or any other experiences with Lu and The Plants?  

Would you recommend us to your friends?

 Please think of this as a mutually empowering investment of your time and thoughts into improving services, connecting folks to Plants, and encouraging / informing Lu and their work. Thank you!

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