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Meet Lucia Wiley Hawkins, the steward and creative director of Meraki Farmacy

I always thought of myself as a Philosopher, really, built to explore and seek and follow the paths wherever they may lead, knowing there may never be a cumulative arrival at a one and only truth. I am old enough to know that more than one thing exists at a time, that there is often contradictions, and am learning the dances of accepting others realties as I stand firm in my own. Firm more like a Willow, that flexibility so important for sustaining growth.

I always thought of myself as an Artist, really. with a particular affinity for Wordsmithing, oil pastels, ideas, intense emotions, moral conundrums, metal and wood, soils and seed. 

My life has been spent on the fringe, like the Plants that tend to grow at areas of disturbance.

My Mission is to foster growth by simultaneous actions of

  • identifying barriers through experience and reflection and continuous learning, always willing to be wrong, 

  • adapting to the environment without betraying my sense of responsibilities and ethics,

  • reflecting back to others what is so special about them, and how deeply connected and attuned they truly are -even amongst the chaos, uncertainty, and distractions,

  • growing and making things of honesty and beauty,

  • bravely walking the paths of Returning Home to our True Natures, even in the dark and even alone.

I live at intersections.


The archetypal energies I most readily feel moving through me are Mystic, Philosopher, Protector, Rebel, Artist.

I know this to be a  direct result of Nature: the energetic blueprint of more than body thanks to the Cosmos. For the other Cosmonauts and Astronerds, I have several paths of connection to the energies of Sagittarius, including the  the Moon,  South node,  Uranus, Jupiter, with Neptune and Ascendent at the Galactic Center. I am Jupiterian, thank Space, and tend to expand readily, returning to something like balance through daily somatic practice, regular, intentional dark nights and dissolution. My Venus is in Leo, in the 9th house, I am of the Pluto in Libra generation, and Chiron with Mars and Mercury in Gemini in the 7th house confirms so many life experiences of my soul's longing to learn and experience the best practices for connecting with others through some kind of delicious partnership, not necessarily of the romantic kind, but I am also rather romantic.

I think every Artist must be. 

Maybe I should mention now, I am an ecologist/naturalist trained formally in the biological sciences, learning in the laboratories of universities and the laboratories of the woods. I am a scientist and have worked and taught as one for nearly two decades. Evolutionary approaches and paradigms are the way I think, as a ecologist and steward, as a cosmonaut, as a commentator, and hopefully as a trusted guide and facilitator for my people. 

Studying and working in medicine is part of my family legacy and heart's desire - to help others live something like health, a balance, with access to the tools of care that nourish and protect. 

Food is Medicine. 

Preventative care is justice. 

In Plants I trust. 

Meet The Plant Teachers and Friends

Every Single Plant on this Abundant Earth has the right to exist unencumbered, is a sentient and conscious being, is embodiment of Light, feeds /nourishes /protects / reciprocates life, and there fore has so much to teach us. Plants do not exist to serve humans. It is our honor, right, and responsibility to honor and protect them. If you are learning or working with folks that perpetuate hierarchy, supremacy, or exploitation I urge you to reevaluate how and what you support. 

The Plants who Teach me directly are the Plants I work with and offer to my community. These are Plants that are annuals or perennials, natives or introduced, used by My Peoples: the Norwegians and Germans who traveled to The Americas, living with and integrating with the Lenni Lenape, these are my matrilinear ancestors, and legacy. Those of Diaspora, living in the Pale of Settlement and escaping war and the pogroms, arriving in Philadelphia shortly before The Russian Revolution. Lenapehoking, the lands of south eastern pennsylvania feel a lot like something like a mother, but so do the rocky shores of the Eastern Nehantick,  and the fertile hallows of the Wabanaki and Abenaki, and the ancient sea of the Apache, Dine and Pauite. 

I've learned that I am always Home when I am serving Mother Earth, and all our kin. 

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