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Always Be Asking Questions

Always consult with your care providers, especially when pregnant, breast feeding, and/or when navigating chronic and persisting concerns.  This website contains some information about plants that have traditionally been used as remedies, foods, teachers and friends. The information provided on this website and newsletters is not intended to replace the advice and care of a medical practitioner. Suggested uses and directions are provided on individual products and in consulting conversations, arranged by email or phone.

Please reach out with any questions you do not see here in the form below, all questions are always welcome. 

That all said, trust your body, build an interdisciplinary care team and toolbox, and In Plants We Trust! 

Want to bring Lu and The plants to your learning community? Please fill out this form. 


Please see individual product pages for more in depth information about the potentials for connection and use, trust your self - needs - intuition, experiment appropriately with timings and combinations. 


Shake before use. Add 1-3 drops - 1 dropper directly under tongue or into water or tea, 1-3 times a day. For acute condition use more frequently for a few days, follow up with other providers if condition becomes chronic.

For chronic conditions use 1-3 times a day for 1-3 months. 

Store in cool, dark place like a kitchen or medicine cabinet, nightstand, travel bag. 

Use for focus on physical ailments and somatic experiences. 


Shake before use. Less is more! Add 1-3 drops into water, 1-3 times a day, for 1-3 months. 

Store in a cool, dark place like a kitchen or medicine cabinet, nightstand, travel bag. 

Use for integrating emotional conditions and psychospiritual work. 


Apply to clean skin for intended use.  I highly suggest using Meraki topicals before other products so the Plants are absorbed first, and provide a layer of protection. Use within 6-12 months of purchase. You can refrigerate for longer use. 

Store in cool, dark place like a kitchen or medicine cabinet, nightstand, travel bag. 


The best way to keep your specially formulated, cold process soap made from whole plants lasting longer and from getting really mushy is to store it as dry as possible between uses. You can use the Meraki Medicinal soaps daily or as needed, weekly as part of your rituals of care. Vitamin E is an ingredient in all soaps and balms, nourishing your skin and acting as a natural preservative. However, there IS shelf life just like all things natural.

You should use the soap within 6 months of purchase.

FUN FACT: Each soap responds to your skin & your water quality so each person will have a unique experience. Isn't that rad?


Add 1-3 tsp - 1 TB of leaves & flowers to 4-8 oz nearly boiling water, cover and steep for 10 mins - 24 hours. Strain and drink for intended purpose. Make as large as batches as you like with this ratio, and experiment to your liking. Add or combine what you want, including honey or maple syrup, tinctures and flower essences. Don't like hot tea? Prepare before bed, let steep overnight, refrigerate, make ice cubes, have some fun and trust in the process. 

Adding blends for smoke:

Sprinkle atop cannabis or tobacco, roll or fill your smoking vessel and enjoy. 

What is different about Meraki Farmacy & the products, services offered?

  • Very unique process for recipe formulation and creation of cold process soaps made with botanical infusions. 

  • High quality, homegrown, organic medicinal plants started at seed.

  • Responsibly sourced ingredients rooted in dedication to stewardship & integrity. 

  • Every single aspect of all the moving parts of these services is highly informed and intentional, from ingredients to dispensing. 

  • An incredible amount of physical, emotional, spiritual, mental labor and life long education, direct life experience.

  • Affordable healthcare, preventative care, first aid, pet care, home health kits made slow and small batch by hands. 

  • Zero-minimal waste packaging including compostable containers and bags, easily repurposed containers.

  • Refills available when prescheduled, when available, and at events. 

  • Every practitioner and provider brings their own kind of meraki to what they do, informed by their ancestry and teachers, their geographical place and time, special interests, divine interventions, direct experiences, and ongoing practices and mastery. Lu Hawkins has built a long standing reputation around transparency, direct communications, interdisciplinary and intersectional approaches, with a special focus on de-pathologizing the human experiences amongst systems built on harm and violence. Lu centers relationship and twenty plus years of learning and working at intersections of  people and health, environment and education, agency and community. trauma and triumph. 

  • Meraki Farmacy is deeply informed by traditional folk practices of the Diaspora and Lenape Lands, Harm Reduction, trauma informed practices, and multicultural paradigms.

  • It is so very much appreciated that you learn about and support the expansive value in what I do and *how* I do it, how so many others are leaders in these ways. Our choices and agency are everything, profoundly mutually empowering and positively impactful. Thank you so much for choosing Meraki Farmacy. 

    Send a note about your experiences, and share them with your people. 

    Share the work of Meraki Farmacy and Lu Hawkins at your community meetings and gatherings, at your schools and places of congregation, on social media, 

    Invite Lu Hawkins into your learning communities for skill shares, handcrafted markets, any places and spaces that center relationship, stewardship. agriculture, arts and craftsmanship. 

    Venmo is a great way to share your resources & sustain all the labor that goes into the videos, groups & non-product services I provide. Username is Meraki_Farmacy. 


    Call 808-798-9425 or email


    I want you to come to my learning community. How do we get started? 

    Fill out this form, please. 

    What is the best way to schedule a consult with you?

    Currently scheduling through email, with an intake questionnaire which is standard practice and ensures a continuity of care. Pricing is then determined and partial payment made to hold the phone call appointment.  Rates for consults are a sliding scale of $30-60/hour. This service is rooted in respect, privacy, peer support, harm reduction, tons of acceptance and love, creative problem solving and a dash of humor. You can read about peoples' experiences here. 

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    How can I help?

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