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Soak up the Sun, not cancer

Meraki grown formula for full spectrum UV protection, without the endocrine disruptors or chemicals that hurt water, pollinators, soil, our sensitive skin

Sol Salve

  • Meraki grown plants infused in oil, often Red Clover, Calendula or other skin healing, lymph moving, protective Plants combined with Plant oils and butters for cumulative SPF value of around 30

    Active ingredient: Zinc oxide   SPF 2 -20

    Coconut oil                                      SPF 4-6

    Beeswax, water proof                  SPF 4-6

    Shea butter                                      SPF 4-6 

    Jojoba oil                                          SPF  4-6 

    Vitamin E

    Broad spectrum protection, water and animal safe, biodegradable, compostable container, push up application for ease of use. 

  • Apply before, during, and after time outside in the Sun for broad spectrum protection from harmful UVA and UVB energies, without causing harm to you and other life. 

    Helps prevent and respond to radiation burn from prolonged exposure to the sun. 

    Highly recommended to be used in conjunction with all the other ways to protect and detect skin damage from UV light. 

    • use broad spectrum UV protection all year round on all skin
    • wear hats, sunglasses, rash guards and other protective clothing 
    • take breaks from exposure especially from 10a - 4pm during the summer
    • establish and maintain lifestyle choices in diet, nutrition, hydration, exercise, self checks, wellness visits 
    • take extra precautions if there is family and self history for cancer, if you work with St Johns Wort or medications that increase sensitivity to sunlight, are fair skinned, have freckles and/or moles, 
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