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Meet the Muscle of Meraki 

Homegrown and Wild Plant infused topical to ease the aches and pains.

2 oz compostable tube, biodegradable ingredients. 


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  • Wild and homegrown Hypericum/ Solstice Wort/ St John's Wort is a traditonally used Flower for easing pain, especially of the nerves. Harvested when Freshly flowering, this main ingredient blooms from summer solstice through August. 

    Homegrown Calendula and Comfrey, like in the Boo Boo Balm, penetrate tissues with their protection and relief. 

    Willow Bark Powder, responsibly sourced is how modern man has made aspirin. Highly effective for easing inflammation, without irritating the digestive tract. 

    Turmeric, responsibly sourced, eases inflammation of tissues..

    Cayenne Pepper, responsibly sourced and homegrown, increases circulation and brings oxygenated blood to the area, helping move the Plants around the tissues and move lymph, and support ease and relief. 

    All Plant materials are infused in organic plant oils for 4-6 weeks, combined with local beeswax and responsibly sourced shea butter, then poured into 2 oz compostable tubes.

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