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wild artemisia vulgaris infused in oils, combined with beeswax and shea butter

2 oz compostable tube  or 2 oz glass dropper bottle, oil infusion. 



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  • Mugwort, like so many of the Plant Pals and Allies (especially at Meraki), have long histories and co-evolution with us. Mugwort has many, many uses during her ongoing and ancient relationship with humans, especially women and femme, across continents and generations. From Asia, across Europe and to the Americas there are hundreds of species of Artemisia. 


    Mugwort is also known as Cronewort, is deeply associated with The Moon, Artemis/Diana/Brighid goddesses, menstrual cycles, and the psychospiritual signature of this really awesome plant ally includes:

    vision, insight, dream recall, personal power, wild nature, feminine energy and wisdom, and the potency of the powerful medicine available moves with the lunar cycle.

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