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Imagine a full body hug, soothing and supportive, from The Plants

specially formulated tincture, 2 oz glass dropper bottle

Mer Hug

  • Homegrown, organic, wild whole plants infused, preserved and dispensed in alcohol

    Hypericum / Solstice Wort - uplifting in the heart, radiating like the Sun as we traverse dark spaces even within ourselves, warming, helps us see the glimmers and breaking through limiting beliefs

    Milky Oat Tops  and Skullcap - traditional pairing in Western Herbalism for restoring nervous system function, MOT helps build up and warm, Skullcap eases emotional tension and exhaustion and together they support strong foundation and building up

    Lemon Balm  - gentle nervine, affinity for the digestive processes, uplifting and sweet

    Damiana  - deeply toning and restorative to the nervous system, affinity for the womb and pelvic area

    Tulsi - smoothing the ups and downs and supporting timely response of our systems more than reactivity 

    Got kola - calming mental turbulence and lifting fog of the mind


    Inspired by Sajah Popham of Evolutionary Herbalism, this blend of whole plant tictures is a synergistic offering for long term use in restoring a nervous system that feels burnt out and depleted. 

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