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Move and Soothe with Mammilla, a massage oil or balm for breast health, breast cancer prevention and recovery, immune system and lymphatic functioning.

Safe, effective & supportive while menstruating, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


  • Homegrown organic calendula and wild dandelion, violet, red clover blossom oil infusions.


    CALENDULA      cleanses the lymph. softens the rough. promotes healing even for chronic skin conditions, 

    DANDY LION        penetrates, moves deep, tenacious. joy of living/grow through even concrete. brings light into dark. 

    VIOLETS                decongest lymph system, gentle and strong, joyfull

    RED CLOVER       inhibits the growth of cancer cells, their root system  . ..  a blanket of interconnection

    oil infusions & beeswax (balm). 

    No fragrances, as always, and no essential oils. Please feel welcome to add any essential oils to this oil infusion, or any Meraki oil!

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