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By  Lunatic I mean those who love Luna, who move with the Moon, who would love a trifecta of different ways to be with The Plants and The Moon. 

Mugwort topical balm, 2 oz compostable tube

Sanctuary Spray, 2 oz glass mister bottle 

Lun Luv herbal blend, 2 oz compostable bag

Lunatic Bundle

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  • You can read more information on individual product pages, but in short 

    Sanctuary Spray is filled with protective and connective Plants to spray on you and any other sacred spaces to connect, protect, play with the liminal and esoteric energetics

    Lun Luv is a delicious herbal blend best experienced at the full moon windows, whenever you want to engage in dream time or deep rest, connect with The Lunar cycle and support your body through your own Lunar scycle 

    MUGWORT is the balm bomb and main Moon Plant Babe that when applied topically helps ease tension, put on the bottom of your feet for that good good sleep, massage into face and neck to relieve tension and enhance lucid dreaming, and apply at the abdominal area for relief from menstrual cramping


    this bundle is intedned to help you deepen connections with your body as a savred vessel, and as a channel to the Moon, our dear dear Moon, who reflects so much from the cosmos and our inner universe back to us, to see, to integrate, to experience. Women have a deep intrinsic connection to the Waters of Life and to the Moon And these Plant offerings help remind us of that, and join us on Lunatic Adventures

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