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Homegrown and organic, Wild & Wise

dried blend for herbal infusions, smoking, ritual, nightime, lunar cycles

Smokey, floral, soothing & relaxing

2 oz compostable bag

Lun Luv

Out of Stock
  • wild and homegrown Mullein - lung and mucous membrane support, grief, expectorant

    responsibly sourced, organic Damiana - creative, erotic energy and relaxing and toning nervine

    homegrown, organic and wild Mugwort - dreams/visions, deep wild knowing, lunar & moon cycle, digestive bitter, nervous system and tension reliever

    responsibly sourced, organic Lavender - rest, relax, dream, experience sweet relief of tension and exhaustion, and so delicious

    responsibly sourced, organic Rose Petal - heart opening and protecting, yummy, sensory sauce

    responsibly sourced Willow Bark Powder - for body and volume in taste, gentle and natural pain relief, tree wisdom


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