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Meraki grown Luffa gourd sits in the center of whole plant infusions combined with more plant oils, butters, and local honey. Perfect for exfoliating, soothing and moisturizing through all the summer adventures. 

LUffa Honey soap

  • Plantain  - easing insect itchies

    Yarrow   - repelling insects

    Rose   - IT's ROSE

    Nettle  - easing itch

    Calendula  - healing and protecting skin

    Comfrey  - healing and protecting 

    Honey  - soothing, moisturizing, protecting, humectant

    Luffa  - exfoliate with Plants, not plastic

    soothing, regenerative, exfoliating, moisturizing, delicious cold process, house formulated botanical soap for all skin. 

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