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Rosemary & Nettle lye solution and infused oils are the seed to skin foundation for this zero waste, cleansing and conditioning bar for baldy babes, scalp, hair, beards and general hair care needs for all ages and all bodies. Great lather for shaving, too!

Locks & Lather

  • Rosemary makes hair shine, supports healthy growth, increases circulation to hair and scalp, enhances dreams, clear thinking and memory. 

    Nettle is full of vitamins and minerals, is toning and astringent,  treats and relieves dry scalp and dandruff, promotes vitality of skin and hair. 


    Rosemary and Nettle are infused into water for the lye solution and into plant oils for the rest of the soap making process. This is a deeply infused plant power shampoo bar that will clean, condition, nourish your scalp and hair and may promote deep connections to your inner realms and the world of the Plants and their helpers. 


    Natural ingredients: Organic Rosemary infused in Olive oil, Nettle and Rosemary herbal infusion - lye solution, coconut oil, shea butter (deodorized), lye, jojoba oil, castor oil, certified organic rosemary essential oil, 


    5% superfat, whole plant infused, handcrafted recipe, started at seed for your skin care and health, cruelty free, fragrance free, responsibly sourced plant fats, zero waste, biodegradable, preventative and responsive care cold process soap.

    Pair with LOVELY LOCKS hair oils, for blondes or brunettes. 

    Wanna make your own infusion with oil or ACV? Check out the dried blend NICE HAIR

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