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Homegrown, organic dried blend for supporting your big, beautiful mind

Combine with water to make a pot of focus potion tea

2 oz compostable bag

Intent Blend

  • GOTU KOLA centella asiatica : memory/cognitive functioning, calms turbulence and busy mind without sedative action, revitalizing. responsibly sourced and homegrown. 

    DAMIANA     tunera diffusa: connective to creative, erotic, life force energy, toning the nervous system, wild crafted and responsibly sourced. 

    MINT mentha piperita: increase circulation, improved concentration, digestion aid. homegrown organically.

    ROSEMARY    memory and cognition, circulation, connection to ancestors.

    OATSRAW  soothing ang toning to the nervous system, warming. homegrown organic. 

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