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h o l y b a s i l / temperate tulsi, homegrown and delicious

1 oz glass dropper bottle

Holy Basil

  • Ocimum tenuiflorum  // temperate tulsi, grown from seed here

     An adaptogen, this plant ally has a broad spectrum supportive role in your body, helping you adapt to stressors of all kinds: physiological, mental, emotional, biological.  Helps smooth out the bumps and thumps, aiding a more sustainable response to stress. We LOVE tulsi! Help MF grow more plants with your support so in 2024 I can increase the growing areas and offer Tulsi dried for herbal blends. So delicious.

    Tincture is highly recommended for anyone working on 'nervous system health and regulation'. She's a dream. 

    If you have ever smelled or tasted fresh or dried tulsi, you can immediately infer her medicinal offering - all basils have those strong smells and tastes, and with Tulsi, it's really impossible not to feel enlivened joy and a remembering of how beautiful Life is. Beautiful flowers feeding bees, kind of unassuming, prolific grower once established, a tenacity, but doesn't take over a growing space, generous with seed - you see! These characetisitcs tell us a lot about how the Plant helps us on the inside, especially when we are in the rough. 

  • ​I think Tulsi helps us open our hearts and minds and remember the beauty and strength we can tap into. Indicated for 'stress relief and management'.

    Directions: Shake bottle. Add 1-3 drops to water/tea, 1-3 times a day or as needed.

    Ingredients: homegrown organic holy basil leaves, alcohol, 1 oz glass dropper bottle. 

    Contraindicated during pregnancy. Consult with other providers.

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