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Motherwort tincture, 1 oz glass dropper bottle

Heart & Hearth

  • Don't get me started about *this* Motherwort, who I met in VT where Meraki was born, and when I had to leave, I asked her if I could take some of her with me. Thank Goddess she said Yes. That was back in 2019. She survived in a pot (the wilds can't be contained for long, but she must have known how much I needed her) as I moved 7 more times, and the day I moved to here, she went into the ground as Great Great Great Great Grand Mother and in two years she has set two generations of maiden mother worts. 

    Motherwort - lion heart - leonurus cardiaca

    Motherwort Plant Medicine: emmenagogue, antispasmodic, nervine, diuretic, carminative, toning for the female reproductive system.

    There is also Motherwort flower essence available upon request, message me. 


    So, Motherowrt is a prolific self seeder, and the tall stalks of her pink flowers bring all the bees to the garden. I always know when our little dog has run by the Motherworts because the seeds are born in tiny spurs and are sharp - helping dispers the seeds by sticking to animal fur or clothing. When I process the tops or save seed i wear gloves - those beautiful little things make their presence known. 

    I have to mention - that every Plant that has affinity for the Human Heart has some kind of sharp edge, whether Rose thorn, Hawthorn spikes, or Motherwort seed burrs. Jagged shapes usually indicate connection to the Blood, also, like Nettle. Which connects us to protection, Martian energy, which is typically thought of as masculine - and yet here we are, with the And Alsos. Can't help but think of Yarrow, also, with its affinity for the blood and wounds and warriors. 

    We should book a tea time, shouldn't we?

  • USE IF:   You need to strengthen your heart - are heart broken, grieving, for mother wounds, have high blood pressure. nerve pain, nervous palpitation, disturbed sleep, emotional turbulence, general pain.

    Motherwort provides care through actions of: nervine, emmemagogue, antispasmodic, hepatic, cardiotonic, hypotensive.

    Relaxing tonic during menopausal changes. I don't know wild yam personally yet, but that's also a helpful Plant ally during menopause. 

    Heart tonic that strengthens, without straining.

    Especially supportive for palpitations (tachycardia) including those heart bump thumps when we experience anxiety and stress, tension. 

    Use as a strengthening tonic for the heart while recovering from cardiac weakness after infections. 

    Also can also be used to stimulate delayed menstruation due to anxiety and tension.


    Directions:  Shake bottle. take 3-4 drops direct or in water or tea 3 times a day/as needed, consistently for 3-4 weeks, along with other healing modalities that work for you. Store bottle in cool dark place, go bag, medicine cabinet, sacred space. 

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