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Special blend of Plants to support our capacity for holding grief

1 oz glass dropper bottle

Grief Relief

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  • Plant Teachers:

    Motherwort - lionheart, for strength of heart, calming of palpitations, easing of pain especially with maternal - mother - parent- child kind of losses, archetypal and literal..

    Milky Oat Tops - warming, soothing, nourishing to the nervous system and a swell ally when we are reducing the uses of less than ideal coping mechanisms. grief rocks our world. let's reduce the harm. 

    Mullein - they say grief is held in the lungs & if you have felt this, it's such an odd sensation of sharp pain. Loss steals our breath. Mullein helps us hold and breath deeper, with the pain, despite the pain, in the pain. 

    Borage flower essence for buoyancy of heavy heart and courage for the journey ahead, through the loss and the pain. 


  • I/we could probably write volumes about the energetics of Grief - is it love with nowhere to go? Is it love going everywhere? It is most certainly an aspect of Love, and disappointment. We grieve for a world we may never know, we may never see again, for People, for the social conditions, for the world. 

    We know our feelings are meant to be felt, and that the feelings and sensations and thoughts connecting to Grief can be truly, deeply debilitating. Somehow, we find the ways to carry it with us, and these Plants grown here are not the only Plants that help us with the spectrums of grief, but it's our humble offering to help care for you - and your body and sensations - helping to reduce further risk as we grieve, however we need to, for as long as we need to. 

    A blend for the warrior. I honor your pain and loss. 

    Motherwort is contraindicated during pregnancy. 

    Directions: shake and add 1-5 drops /cup of tea or water 1-3 times a day, as needed, for how ever long you need. 

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