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Gotu Kola infused & preserved in alcohol

1 or 2 oz glass dropper bottles.


Just a wee note on inventory for anyone worried about access to the Fouc Potion:

Due to the growing need and increasingly connecting folks with this Plant Pal, I will be doubling the grow space in 2024 for our buddy, who has many names and I like to call Sombrerito. Thank you for your patience as the growing season is just beginning with sowing seeds indoors! It continues to be a great honor to help connect People and Plants, and I am grateful to be one of your providers. 

On Sourcing: 

I have been supplementing sometimes with dried herbs from other providers, and am always preferring the fresh, grown here continuity and freshness.  I know you do too, and it is a big part of why you join the Meraki Farmacy. I will increase the growing space for our Friend, and will have more availalbe as the season begins. It's also why I offer two sizes for folks, and will provide a subscribe and save option once we are in the growing season. Thank you so much for choosing the Farmacy!

Focus Potion

  • Gotu Kola is one of the few Plants I work with that are not indigenous to these lands, an easy to grow herbaceous perennial native to the tropical regions of Asia, Africa, Australia, and is well documented in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayerveda as food and medicine, with growing research in the western world. In the West this awesome Plant I suggest you grow yourself too, is commonly used for it's affinity for the blood through treatment of varicose veins. 

    What I learn from this Plant is about it's affinity with Air, the Mind, with what so many people experience as brain fog - as a result from long gaul effects of covid - 19, through the menopausal stages, for the neurodivergence so many people carry in their big beautiful minds. 

    I've been making the Focus Potion as Indicated for

    Relaxing the turbulence of the mind

    increasing focus, mental stamina

    supporting attention span and concentration

    improving mental clarity


    Most of us here on these lands with these climates can grow this Plant as an annual, even overwintering it inside. As with any Plants we develop relation with, and any Plants that are grown in other parts of the world for western consumption, I think it is the honorable and responsible things to do to honor the traditional uses, and support folks growing this Plant in reverence. 

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