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Meraki grown, house formula for repelling insects, soothing bites, protecting humans, pets, pollinators, water and soil 

Several application options available, read on below!

Bugger Off

  • Meraki grown, house formula, whole plant infusions for repelling insects and relieving reactions to bug bites, without causing harm to the environment, us, our pets, water ways, pollinators or soil. 

    Plantain      relieves itch from insects

    Yarrow         repels insects

    Oats             soothes irritation

    Calendula    heals wounds

    Lemon Balm   relieves itch

    Hyssop            fragrant, sacred herb for sacred spaces

    Farm grown Eucalyptus        fragrant, repels insects

    Organic, therapeutic grade essential oils of  Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Geranium, Lemongrass all repel insects 

    All infused in plant oils, combined with beeswax 

    No endocrine disrupting fragrance oils, synthetic chemicals, DEET, or harmful substances that are disruptive and dangerous for the health of water, soil, pollinators, pets, children, elders, LIFE

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