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Whole Plants, Whole Breath

Breathe Easy

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  • Hyssop - a sacred herb for sacred spaces, a respiratory ally with an unmistakable scent and flavor of volatile compounds that help clear the gunk from our sinuses and respiratory system.

    Peppermint - another unmistakable plant pal helping to circulate and move, open airways.

    Eucalyptus - have you ever hung this beauty in the shower or made a steam bath with her? Also assisting in clearing the airways, easing congestion. 

    These plants are used in this formula as whole plant infusions and as essential oils to help clear the airways. 

  • Massage the oil or balms directly on the chest, neck, and sinus area during cold-flu-allergy- congestion. Repeat as needed.


    Recommended of course to use in conjunction with drinking lots of fluids - teas, broths, water, increasing nutrition especially with immune supporters like garlic, avoiding dairy products as those tend to gunk things up, take the rest!

    Combine with drinking Mullein herb, dry or fresh, alone or with other Plants, or Mullein tincture, for expectorant effect, if indicated by wet cough. If cough is dry, explore more moistening herbs like Calendula, Marshmallow, Slippery Elm. 



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