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Cheeky word play aside, I am passionate about protecting your Breasts from the harm of the world, any way I can. 

This bundle includes 3 different ways to connect with Plants and our breast - lymphatic tissues for preventative and responsive care. 

1 oil, 1 soap, 1 deodorant. 

Boob Bundle

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  • MAMMILLA oil - the Breast & Lymph oil for self checks, swollen or painful breast tissue or lymph nodes, breast feeding, one tool for cancer prevention to be used in conjunction with all the others, including screenings, nutrition, movement, and always consulting with your care providers especially with any change in tissue, family history, any concerns you may have. 

    The oil can also be applied anywhere there are swollen lymph nodes /ducts and gently massaged, for supporting lymphatic function. A lot of Moms love that they can use this on their family members when cold /flu / infection arises atop using it for themselves. 

    STAY GOLD - the same Plants in the breast oil made into a soap, because everything we put onto our skin is absorbed and metabolized by our body. Use weekly or as needed or wanted, at breast and lymphatic sites, neck and armpits, face, the whole body. 

    PIT STICK, a responsible deodorant - The OG Meraki creation: detoxifying and protective antibacterial formula for your armpits, the site of so much lymphatic tissue and into our breast area. You can read more about the Pit Stick on it's page, but there are no frgrances, hormone - endocrine disruptors, preservatives, things you can't pronounce - identify - things we really don't need to be putting on our skin and into ourbodies. YAY!   flavor available is mint & eucalyptus because it was hands down the more preferred last year, and gently freshly zingy. If the flavor is a no go for you, just email me and we can switch out probably!

  • preventative and responsive breast and immune health in 3 different ways to be with the Plants, care for you and yours, and invest in your health. 

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