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The Original Boo Boo Balm, formulated with homegrown and wild plants for soothing, healing and protecting all skin on all bodies. This topical is a MUST for any first aid kit, for parents of humans and dogs, for any and all skin irritations and inflammation.

​Kids LOVE Boo Boo Balm for it's ease of use and soothing texture. People going through radiation treatments for cancer find this more helpful and nourishing than other options provided. Read more below!


Dispensed in 2 oz compostable tube will last at least a few months even with regular use.

Boo Boo Balm

  • Homegrown Comfrey : encourages cellular, muscular, bone and cartilage healing and growth. Master of all Healers. Lu's First Plant Teacher. 

    Homegrown Calendula: anti fungal/septic/inflammatory, astringent, moisturizing, healing wounds. Calendula as in calendar as in irrepressible flower, as in here for it, always. 

    The Plants are started at seed or root cuttings, then harvested when ready, infused into organic plant oils for 4-6 weeks under the Sun, combined with local beeswax and organic, therapeutic grade tea tree essential oil, dispensed in compostable containers, 2 oz tubes. 

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