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Chill Joy herbal blend, 2 oz compostable 

Belly Buddy herbal tincture, 2 oz glass dropper bottle

Two forms of traditional herbals to connect with the Plants that connect with our digestion - processing - assimilating, instinctual center, GI health

Belly Buddies Bundle

$49.00 Regular Price
$44.10Sale Price
  • You can read more about Chill Joy and Belly Buddy on their respective product pages, but in short 

    Make a cuppa with Lemon Balm - Dandylion - Red Clover and Chamomile for indigestion, gas, nervous tension, moving air and fire and supporting removing wastes from the GI and blood. bitter but also sweet, uplifting, gentle relaxant, diuretic and supporting processing - assimilating and eliminating

    Pop the tincture in your purse or bag for on the go supports with Lemon Balm, Calendula, and Chamomile. Perfect for when the kiddo says "my belly hurts" or when they have nervous belly, or even when they need some help soothing and restoring - add a dropper to their water. Add to your water or drink before a big meal out with friends, or with family, or when you have nervous belly or when you know you'll need some digestive bitters, and even a bit of soothing yourself. 

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