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Hi Radishes! Thank you for visiting the online MFHQ.

Please share my work with your people, visit the different pages, check out the event schedule, check the socials links at the bottom, sign up for the monthly newsletter & reach out with any feed back, requests, stories. 

Thank you! It's going to be a great season!

what is Meraki Farmacy?

MF is a love letter and a protest.

MERAKI - may-RAH-key 


The love, creativity and passion one puts into their work, service, art. 

this Meraki is unique in process and specialties. 

When I work with The Plants, something happens. It's not me, or about me, any more than I am somehow, miraculously and in gratitude, a vessel. The Plants inform me most of all. 

I LOVE PLANTS, and really what I love are all the relations, relation ships, of the more than human kin and how much they teach us, show us, our own natures and our own possibilities. 

I LOVE OUTSIDE, it is Home. 

I love the smells of Soil, and her processes. I live for Birdsong. Point me to the Cedar Grove. Meet me by The Water. The safest spaces in the world are Mother Earth. I know I owe her, and all our Kin, my life. I know I can share my rage, grief, disappointment, loneliness, desperation and she won't swallow me up, nor will She with a whoosh of wind carry it all away. They all show me how to carry it all, they help us do hard things. They show us the technologies, the code, the way it all really works. 

I am passionate about re/connecting you to your relations, traditions, reciprocities and honorings. My hands are fueled by need to Offer another Possibility - for the things we use everyday to care for ourselves and others, to the ways we think of resources.


My creativity desires to inspire; different choices, different ways of thinking and relating, returning home, to take on the sacred responsibilities of stewardship as culture. It is a joy for me to witness you, and see How The Plants Can Help. 

And I'm wild enough to still think, we are changing the world. With our choices, our maturity, our agency, our communities.

In Plants We Trust.

In Solidarity We Grow. 

FARMACY - FARM- a - see 

real talk, turtle island english. 

traditional paradigms for appropriate and integrative responses to the needs of human health, of mind, body and soul, originate with Mother Earth, and all our more than human kin.


Prevention lives in Relation.

To reciprocate such abundance of care, compassion, interdependence and cooperation with All of Life is to center relations, and is preventative care in ontology and practice. 

To care for ourselves and others while reducing harm to ourselves and others, including Soil and Water and Animal and Flora, is comprised of long standing, indigenous traditions and emergent technologies, and self determination and community dedication,

that are simultaneously deconstructing paradigms of violence and constructing- connecting worlds of vitality. 

To steward is to care for a place and space regardless of concepts of ownership. 

To help care for you and yours is a great honor, and sobering, welcomed responsibility. 

Self, family and community care tools grown and crafted at MFHQ include

  • Topicals 

  • Specialized botanical cold process soaps

  • Tinctures & Extracts

  • Flower Essences 

  • Dried herbal blends 

  • Field guides and essays 

  • Skill shares, classes & discussions

  • Seeds and Plants

let's grow together

thank you for connecting!  love notes, event updates, and other yummy things will be sent monthly-ish and seasonally, with my gratitude 

meraki farmacy in the autumn

The Meraki Way

Working with Plants grown here ensures levels of continuity and quality that are so important to the Meraki way. Lu and The Plants grow together over the seasons and culminate with a freshness, seasonality, potency and relationship centering that is immediately experienced by you, the human community that keeps the gardens growing. 

All other materials are carefully chosen for the same continuity of care, for you and yours and all the critters that also keep the gardens growing. All offerings are biodegradable, dispensed in glass or compostable containers, and are tools of care to use in conjunction with any and all modalities that decrease the suck and increase the rad, for all. 

COMING SOON to the website: meet lu, stories from a far(m), seasonal items including field guides, invitations to visit the gardens. Sign up for the newsletter above to stay better connected. 

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