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Here is the selection at end of spring '24 for folks looking for one plant extracts (tinctures, alcohol based), Last Call until end of summer as the Plants grow and bloom, infused and preserve. 

1 oz glass dropper bottles, alcohol based. 

Single Extracts

  • Choose the Plant you'd like to center and get to know, in tincture form, trusting your intuiton and knowing the information presented here is not medical advice or all encompassing. Center relationship with The Plants and get to know these babes in this form better. Take daily, as needed. 

    email if you'd like to discuss options further. 



    DAMIANA               relaxing nervine, centering creative energy and womb area, the more safe we feel the more creative we are 

    St John's Wort       contraindicated with SSRI use, increases body's ability to process sunlight (wear Sol Salve spf), nerve pain relieving, heart uplifting, sun connector 

    LEMON BALM        Sweet Panacea for indigestion related to nervous tension, gentle relaxant, pairs well with all other plants, uplifting the heart and spirit

    Tulsi                         aka Holy Basil, nourishing, adaptogenic, smoothes out the bumps and thumps from stress

    MULLEIN               expectorant, lung and mucous membrane support

    Chamomile             ease indigestion and hot temper flares 

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