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Protective Spray for Sacred Spaces

2 oz glass mister bottle

all whole plants infused into witch hazel

Sanctuary Spray

$28.00 Regular Price
$22.40Sale Price
  • You love The Witches floral infused skin toners of years passed, and this babe is a natural evolution. 

    THE PLANTS and their energetic offerings: 

    whole plants grown here infused in witch hazel. 

    Witch Hazel -  water energy. protection for homes. astringent, anti inflammatory. varicose veins, bruising, sore tissue. 

    infused with hand sown, home grown, hand collected Plants

    Elder flower -  guidance and respectful relations

    Hawthorn - sacred space and heart protection

    Hyssop - a holy herb for holy places

    Rosemary/Romero - memory, vision, connecting across time

    Yarrow - the warrior's herb, vulnerary protectant, neutralizing electromagnetic energy and supporting boundaries

    Rose - heart open, heart protected, astringent

    Lavender - sweet dreams and visions 

    Calendula - a soothing healer all year long, moisturizing

    Red Clover - prosperity and luck, fortune favors the bold, moves lymph and kills cancer, RAD!

    Chamomile -  eases fire - the burn of rash or sores, and the burn of anger and resentment

  • Suggested uses: 

    Spray on face as a skin toner, after cleansing and before moisturizing (use any of the Meraki balms or topicals, and don't forget your spf even in winter) 

    Spray on cuts, bug bites or other open boo boos before applying Boo Boo Balm for cleaning and protecting wounds. 

    Spray your body/ yoga mat/ room/ office/ vehicle/ altar/ any and all spaces before /during / after for     protection, clearing, adorning, blessing, enjoying and connecting. 

    I've added just a bit of Clary Sage and Lavender organic essential oils, and you can really smell the *actual* Plants, earthy and subtle. Feel Free to add your own essential oils, to this and any Meraki oil infusions.  

    2 oz glass mister bottle, please reuse or recycle or return after use. 

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