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Homegrown and hand collected Milky oat tops infused in alcohol, tincture.  

Toning and restorative for the nervous system, especially after periods of high stress, when we are feeling depleted and exhausted (emotionally, mentally, physically)

2 oz glass dropper bottles

MOT: milky oat tops

  • Oats are cereal, ya know, and this form of them feeds our nervous systems, particularly when we are experiencing higher stress situations (acute or chronic). They pair well with other nervines, whether they are stimulating or relaxing. MOT is a powerful ally for harm reduction; for folks changing how they use substances as coping mechanisms. Avena sativa is one of those plants - a grain food crop grown the world over, nourishing and balancing, helping our overall health in many ways. 

    Oats are grown here at the Farmacy as a cover crop - replenishing the soil, and helping to remediate the heavy clay found here on site. The stalks are used for herbal blends and as ground cover/mulch. When the seed heads are ripe, they fill with a milky substance that is full of minerals. The milk of Mother Earth? It may be so. 

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