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Whole Plant specialty infusions for topical use:

Muscle, (neuralgia, arthritis, chronic pain, post op)

Mammilla, (breast, lymphatic, endocrine system support, breastfeeding helper, preventative & responsive)

Mugwort, (sleep, dream, relax, relieve)

Boo Boo Balm, (Any and All skin irritations & conditions)

Forehead Kiss (head - jaw - neck pain, migraines)


Breathe Easy (Organic original to ‘vapor rub’)

6 different formulas for different pain management and first aid, biodegradable, little goes a long way, water way safe, fantastic tools of care.

Fragrance / chemical / what the heck is this / cruelty / plastic is wack / free. Just whole Plants in plant butters & oils.

2 oz compostable tubes


The Mother of a Meraki Collection for those building their home apothecary, family first aid kits, sharing with family / community, care providers, mammals

Big Balm Bundle

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  • You can read more details on individual product pages, but in short:

    MUSCLE - relieve pain, inflammation and tension in muscle - tendon - joint and bone. Arthritis, chronic and acute pain, injury, bone healing

    MAMMILLA - Breast and Lymph support for moving lymph and supporting immune function, for breast health and prevenative and responsive care. A must for any women, for breast feeding, for those with history of breast cancer in the family 

    MUGWORT - topical relief from menstrual cramps, for easing tension and supporting dreamwork and deeper sleep

    BOO BOO BALM - for any and all skin irritations : wounds - scars - chronic and acute skin conditions, chapped skin, injured and irritated skin, bug bites, literally physically any and all skin irritations

    Forehead Kiss - migraines, headaches, tension in the face and jaw and neck

    Breath Easy - whole plants, whole breath - relieve sinus and chest congestion

    a $200 value offered at 10% off

  • This Big Balm Collection definitely has you covered - whole plants for the whole family, the whole year long. 2 oz compostable tubes of each offering will last you through the whole year, even with regular use. 

    Save all of them for your family, gift some to friends, add to your herbal apothecary and traditional medicine kits. 

    Compost tubes when you're done. 

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