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Locks and Lather shampoo bar, 3 oz, compostable packaging

Lovely Locks hair and scalp oil, 1 oz glass bottle

Wee Hair Bundle

$24.00 Regular Price
$21.60Sale Price
  • You can read more on the individual product pages, but in short: 

    Rosemary and Nettle, dynamic duo, two products, one fine head of hair!

    Cleanse your scalp and hair weekly, as needed, ritually, whenever you wash, as a detoxifying/clarifier shampoo and ease any itch or dryness, cleanse your hair without harsh chemicals or a plastic bottle, and welcome these beautiful Plants onto your scalp because a happy scalp makes healthy hair. 

    Follow up as needed, between washes, as hot oil treatment, as a styling product, directly onto the scalp or onto the hair with the Lovely Locks hair oil. A Little Goes a Long Way!

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