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See the list of Plant Pals, some of their meanings and how to use below!


1 oz glass dropper bottles. 

Flower Essences

  • Flower essences, as the name implies, are medicines and therapeutic tools with affinity for emotional, mental and spiritual energies that are prepared with water, flowers, light, and further preserved with ethyl alcohol. 

    Flower essences come in glass dropper bottles and are added to teas, water, and other drinks, and are best used in dilution like that. 

    You can learn a lot with Lu and from the flower essence society. 

  • BORAGE                                 borage for courage. the path is hard. the challenge is real. i dont wanna. and I go where I need to go, do what I need to do, because my heart is strengthened. 

    MOTHERWORT                  oh courageous heart, be bold.

                                                 oh mother wounds, i am carried into healing 

    BLACK EYED SUSAN       illuminating the dark and making besties with my beasties 

    VIOLET                       the joy of being me, free expression of gender and erotic - creative energies 

    POPPY       unfurl in basic trust, the and also's, here we are with this pain and suffering and still we grow and love because the entire cosmos is cooperative, self organizing, loving, accepting 


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