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Homegrown, hand collected, heart crafted herbal blend 

combine with water for drinking

earthy, bright, slight bitter, rooting and restorative

make your own tincture

2 oz compostable bag

Chill Joy, herbal blend

  • LEMON BALM melissa officinalis : carminative, sedative, restorative to nervous system, bright but calming, assists with indigestion associated with anxiety/worry.

    DANDELION taraxacum officinalis : tenacity, diuretic, tonic, alterative, assists with indigestion and cleansing, bitter.

    CHAMOMILE - easing the burn and fire, calming

    RED CLOVER blossoms : trifolium pratense: blood purifier & thinner, antioxidant & cancer preventative.

    This combination of Plants helps pull the energy into the core, grounding and moving fire and air, making room for processing - assimilating - and removing what needs to go. 

    Bitter taste indicates digestive support, lower on the bitter scale but please feel free to add honey for enjoyment.

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