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Meet Lucia Wiley Hawkins, the steward and creative director of Meraki Farmacy

Meraki Farmacy was gestating since 1983, or longer, and was birthed in 2015 on Abenaki Lands in southeastern Vermont while making grow spaces for Plants and determined to give options for essentials that were made in ways that honored Nature through respect and stewardship, and honored our bodies' birthrights for safety, and beauty. 

 When I was 18 years old in 2001, I spent about two weeks on a small boat chartered by twin brothers, sailing from Porto Rafti through Steno Keas and visiting different ports. The experiences changed my life

T-shirts on Hangers
Happy Young Man

Ash Marcus

Assistant Store Manager

Portrait of Smiling Woman

Charlie McMann

Quality Assurance Manager

Male Portrait

Morgan James

Merchandise Buyer

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